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Decolonial Dates – Decolonization in Context

17.00 – 19.30


Decolonial Dates – Decolonization in Context 

*Lukupiiri Maya Goodfellowin teoksesta Hostile Environment: How immigrants became scapegoats järjestetään englanniksi. Fasilitoijina toimivat Vishnu Vardhani ja Pie Kär. Lukupiirin tarkemmat tiedot ja aikataulu ovat saatavilla englanniksi tältä sivulta.

We are thrilled to share the schedule for the reading group of Maya Goodfellow’s Hostile Environment: How immigrants became scapegoats. 

This is the first of a series of reading circles, taking place offline—in real space and time—in Helsinki (24.04.2024 17:00pm -19:30pm & 25.04.2024 11:00am -15:00pm) to collectively engage with selected reading matter on or from situated and discursive struggles that addresses the question of "What constitutes the 'de-' in the process of decolonization within the context of Finland?" and challenge anti-immigration myths.

Please Note: The reading group is for all kinds of readers. We will read aloud, pause, reflect, re-read and engage in a collective conversation to address the thoughts that arise during the reading. 

To keep the reading circle intimate and for the sake of having privacy in sharing thoughts we have No Zoom Option. 

You are welcome to attend both the days, one of the days or in a format that fits you best. 

What else to expect: We may not be able to fully read the book together. 

We will have printouts of the book’s chapters.

We would like to know if you are coming so please put your name down in the list on Doc-Link.

If you wish to purchase the book yourself here is the link.

If you wish to know more about the book here is the talk by the author.


Vishnu Vardhani


Pie Kär

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